Your intuitive designer

Inspired designer Jakki McLean was trained at the Sydney School of Colour & Design and has more than 20 years experience at your service. With a meticulous eye for detail, her intuitive design aligns your ‘outside’ with your ‘inside’. Her clients trust her to create their dream or to design an appropriate and functional space from their concept.

"I’m passionate about enriching your world with beauty from the inside out. I share the journey as you dream your best dreams of who you are and how you want to live." Jakki McLean

Designing your perfect space

Jakki Mak Design makes your project easy and exciting from start to finish with a design service that can be as simple or comprehensive as you wish.

Jakki first meets with you at your space to discuss your ideas, goals and personal design preferences. She then supplies a quote for services to match your need. Where relevant, you also receive a sketch of the proposed site detailing arrangements of space, furniture and accessories.

Realising your perfect space

Using functional yet decorative furniture, soft furnishings, colours, lighting, artwork and accessories, Jakki solves your design or space problem to deliver the functionality and look you desire. She can even incorporate existing furnishings into the overall look.

Having active and direct engagement with on-site workers, she ensures all goes according to plan to avoid costly mistakes or disappointment – her heart is in the project as much as your own.

Reliable suppliers

Throughout the years Jakki Mak Design has uncovered the best suppliers of quality, unique, custom- or ready-made furniture, soft furnishings and accessories to complement your design. There’s always a beautiful solution to create the look you want within budget and our reliable suppliers ensure your project meets deadline.

Benefits of your Jakki Mak design

Create stand-out quality. Add value to your home or investment/commercial property. Solve your design or storage problems. Enjoy your space. Enhance your world with beauty.